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Arbor Hair Studio is a salon that was created by Michelle Meier when she started to develop major health issues. Michelle has worked in the salon industry since 2003. It was recognized that the majority of her health problems were coming from the industry that she was working in. Michelle started doing her research and discovered that there are much safer ways to operate in this industry and still get great or better results. Michelle discovered that the waste that leaves the salon is creating a very negative impact to the environment. Michelle realized that the only way to work in a safe environment was to create her own salon.

Michelle opened Arbor Hair Studio in July of 2017 in a small space in Waite Park, MN. She opened a salon that would use safe, natural, holistic, and organic products. She was also the first Green Circle Salon in Central Minnesota. Which meant that she would recycle hair, foils, and everything else that she could. Michelle wanted to create a salon that put the focus on determining the root cause. Through consultation, each client is individually given a tailored plan to their hair care.

Soon after opening her new salon, Arbor Hair Studio, she found that she wasn’t the only person that was having health issues due to the harsh chemicals in the salon industry. Her clientele grew and she found many other clients that wanted to get high end salon quality hair, but achieve it in a much safer and healthier way.

After growth from the community, Arbor expanded to their new site in Waite Park. The new location allowed Arbor to offer more natur